About GMRC

Gordon Medical Research CenterGMRC is a non-profit whose purpose is to support ground breaking research into the causes of, and treatments for poorly defined chronic illness. We are dedicated to funding studies that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

The lack of accepted diagnostic tests, accompanied by the standard blood tests that rarely show problems in these patients, has allowed many to be ignored, marginalized, and maligned by doctors and sometimes friends and family. It is long past due for patients with difficult to diagnose illnesses to be treated with dignity and compassion by the medical community and society as a whole.

GMRC will focus on treatment modalities that are unlikely to be funded by commercial interests. These are treatments that utilize non patentable natural products or repurpose treatments that are now off patent.

GMRC is a 501-3c tax exempt corporation, and your donations are tax deductible, dependent on your individual tax situation.