Update on SISOH Metabolomics Research 4/6/17

Science in Service of HumanityFrom Eric Gordon, President Of Science in Service of Humanity

Many of you are probably wondering where we are with the SISOH research. Good news is that Kelly Fox, previously one of the Medical Assistants at GMA, has come on as a full-time Research Coordinator! Kelly is very experienced in working with chronically ill patients, and we think you will find her a delight to work with.

Our ongoing CFS/ME studies are group studies working to develop an accepted group of biomarkers to define people with CFS/ME. We have enrolled all the patients in the replication study with Dr. Cheney, and hope to publish that in fall of 2017.

The Analyzing Individual Metabolomics Study (AIMS) is in the planning and fundraising stages, and is projected to be up and running late in 2017. The AIMS study is an attempt to look at individuals and see if we can group people by their biochemistry, symptoms and response to therapies. We know if we correct some of the abnormal biochemistry there is improvement in function. What we need to learn is how to maximize the effectiveness of treatments for you. The AIMS study will help us proceed with creating specific commercial lab panels that practitioners can have their patients tested with. This will help your practitioner be able to have a deeper look into your individual biochemistry and tailor your treatment to your specific needs.

We encourage people who wish to participate in our studies to sign up through our SISOH website or to contact Kelly Fox at (707) 387-3033. For AIMS, we are collecting participants with all types of chronic and inflammatory illness, in addition to CFS/ME. This will get you on the list of contacts so you can stay informed about our current studies and up to date on what is happening with the AIMS study. You can also sign up to receive notices when a post is published under Research News.

Metabolomics is a new approach, and chronic inflammatory illnesses are poorly understood. The combination means that funding is difficult to find through regular channels. The government and investors are generally not interested in science that hasn’t yet been proven. The big funding will only come when the small funding has cleared the path. That is the way of science today. If you are able to help by making a donation yourself, or if you know of someone who might be willing to help, please contact us through the Gordon Medical Research Center (GMRC) website, or call Carla Rae Lukens at (707) 387-3001 to discuss your donation. We are taking donations through our GMRC for the AIMS study as well as future studies.

*Gordon Medical Research Center is a 501-3c tax exempt corporation, and donations may be tax deductible depending on your specific tax situation. Consult with a tax specialist or lawyer to be sure what is correct in your case.

Thank you!

Eric Gordon, M.D.
President, SISOH