Who We Are

Board Members of GMRC

Eric Gordon MDEric D. Gordon, MD, President of GMRC, is the founder and owner of Gordon Medical Associates (GMA), a private medical practice specializing in chronic illness,  and Science in Service of Humanity (SISOH), a medical research organization.  Doctor Gordon has close familial ties and personal relationships with individuals with poorly defined chronic illnesses, as well as his long term service to patients with these illnesses (30+ years). In addition to seeing patients in his practice, Dr. Gordon  organized and served as medical advisor and moderator for a series of medical symposia in Northern California, from 2007-2009. These intensive five-day meetings brought together extraordinary faculties consisting of approximately 30 leading international academic medical researchers and cutting-edge clinicians, respectively focusing on CFS, Lyme, autoimmune diseases and autism. The collaboration of an innovative medical practice with a university research center has been his lifelong dream. Combining forces with Dr. Robert Naviaux and his research into metabolomics, mitochondrial function, and chronic inflammatory disease is now bringing this dream to life.
Wayne Anderson NDWayne Anderson, ND is a practicing doctor at GMA, with more than 25 years of experience treating poorly understood illness. For two decades, Dr. Anderson practiced in a busy community-based family medical center, treating individuals and families from birth to old age. he has been at GMA since 2002, working with the complex patients of that practice. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Anderson has maintained his initial focus on teaching. For over 20 years he taught medical students at Touro Osteopathic Medical School, and supervised residents from Sutter Hospital and interns from the Physician Assistant programs in the clinic setting. He is also a popular speaker on the topics of Lyme disease and neurotoxin illness.
  Blank imageTom Eames, Secretary of GMRC, retired after being a widely recognized technical leader in the Telecommunications industry with over 25 years of experience in systems architecture, design and development. He was a founder of Next Level Communications in 1994 where he led the architecture and the system development of the Broadband Unified Access Platform. He was previously a founding member of Optilink in 1987, where he was the chief architect of a next-generation Digital Loop Carrier System (NGDLC), that captured a leading share of the regional bell operating companies local loop electronic market place. He was responsible for the architecture as well as managing the system engineering development. Mr. Eames has been responsible for architecture and design of several earlier Telecommunications engineering development programs including Private Branch Exchange (PBX) programs at Digital Telephone Systems, Harris Inc. prior to Optilink. Mr. Eames has a Bachelor of Science degree (BSCS) in Computer Science from California State University and holder of numerous Telecommunication system patents.
Mark Blatt, MD, MBAMark Blatt, MD, MBA, Chief Financial Officer of GMRC, has 35+ years as an MD. Dr. Blatt left the practice of clinical medicine after 17 years to pursue his dream of bringing affordable, convenient, safe, and effective healthcare to patients.  In 2000, after getting his MBA in Finance at Yale, Dr. Blatt joined Intel Corporation.  He started as Manager Health Strategies, and last served as Worldwide Medical Director for five years, until he retired in 2015. He continues to be passionate about the adaptation of remote care and other technological innovations that will improve health care delivery and safety. His end-goal remains ensuring affordable quality healthcare for all.
Carla Rae LukensCarla Rae Lukens, Executive Director of GMRC,  is the corporations only employee. She is the  Clinical Director at GMA.  In addition to a background that includes many years of office management and consulting, she has also been cross-trained in multiple hands-on healing modalities. Carla Rae provides a public contact for GMRC. She contracts the medical and administrative services needed for varying research projects. She is also responsible for coordinating and managing fundraising and volunteers working on behalf of the non-profit.

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